Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson On Being Part Of WWE 2K18, Geeking Out In Japan With AJ Styles


– WWE Superstars Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson recently participated in a interview with to help promote the release of WWE 2k18 on October 13th, check out the highlights below:

So to start things off, how does it feel to see yourselves in a video game?

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Gallows: ‘It’s awesome. It’s very surreal and cool to play as ourselves and have fantasy matches with superstars of yesteryear.’

Anderson: ‘Last year was cool being just the downloadable players. It’s cool being on the roster and it’s the biggest one ever. It’s nuts man’

Gallows: ‘And you can beat up John Cena.’

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And are you guys generally gamers yourselves?

Anderson: ‘I play Mario Kart and NBA 2K all the time. I like to fight in the UFC games and I obviously like WWE games, my kids play WWE 2K all the time.’

Gallows: ‘Same with my kids, to the point where it’s hard to get them outside. Hey want to go outside and play catch? No chance, they’re WWE 2K obsessed. They’ve asked me to steal a copy and put it in my bag. It’s a big part of both of our lives, it’s a great way to spend time with them. Plus their Dad is in the game so that’s cool.’

Have you got any other fun stories from your time in Japan?

Anderson: ‘I mean there are so many. I know we used to go to Akihabara all the time, which is what they call a really nerdy area. AJ would always get really excited if we were going there because there are so many video games. But in general we’d have so much fun, just talking for six hours on the bus doing Stone Cold impressions the entire time to each other. AJ would laugh for the first 20 minutes, three hours later he’d take his headphones off and we’d still be doing it. He be like how are you guys still doing this then put his headphones back on so we’d start talking like him for an hour and a half. It’s how you keep yourself entertained, or at least that’s how we do it.’