Shane Helms On When WWE Contacted Him For Royal Rumble Return, How He Kept the Big Return a Secret

Following his surprise return to WWE in this year’s Royal Rumble match, Shane “Hurricane” Helms spoke with Bill Apter of, and you can watch the entire video in the player above.

On keeping his Royal Rumble surprise a secret, Helms noted he was flown into a different airport from the rest of the WWE talents, and he navigated through Philadelphia with a hoodie on and a scarf wrapped around his face.

On getting the call for the Rumble return, Helms noted he always maintained a good relationship with WWE, and was on a list for the past several years of names to return in the Rumble, but for whatever reasons it did not work out in past years. Finally, during the week of the Rumble match, Helms was contacted about returning.

Helms added only a select few people knew that him and Rey Mysterio were at the Wells Fargo Center for the PPV, and during the show they were kept away from other talents and secluded in their own tour bus outside the venue until it was time for them to return in the match.

Hurricane also offered his thoughts on the entire Royal Rumble PPV, the Women’s Rumble match and much more.

The Hurricane felt the love from the WWE Universe as they all decided to stand back and salute his return at Royal Rumble 2018.

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