Chris Jericho Talks About Getting Vince To Unban AJ Styles’ “Styles Clash” Finisher

Chris Jericho recently appeared as a guest on The Other Guys Podcast for an interview.

During the discussion, Jericho spoke about how he found a clever way to convince Vince McMahon to unban A.J. Styles’ longtime finishing move, “The Styles Clash.”

“I knew it was a great move, I knew it was an easy move to take, and I knew it was something that could help A.J. and give him extra colors to paint his pictures with,” Jericho said. “I basically went to Vince and started using it during matches just so Vince could see it, so I figured if he saw it and didn’t want me doing it he would know.”

Jericho continued, “Eventually I went to Vince and I said, ‘Did you see that move AJ did?’ Never using the words ‘Styles Clash’ because I knew Vince might not even know what the move is, but that name is taboo. I said he should use it as a finish. [Vince said], ‘Yes absolutely, use it as a finish.’ So I was able to kind of indirectly get the move unbanned by just doing it and not asking for permission and never using the name ‘Styles Clash’ while taking about it with Vince. Now it’s one of AJ’s biggest moves.”

Check out the complete episode of The Other Guys Podcast featuring the Chris Jericho interview at

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